Flare launcher + 6 red flares


The flare launcher pen is used with CNI minilux flares.
It comes in a red watertight PVC bag with 6 flares.
The pen is connected by a 40cm polyamide cord.
Projection height > 75 m.

Reference– ST50 : flare launcher + 6 red flares
– ST60 : flare launcher + 6 white flares
– ST70 : flare launcher + 6 green flares
– ST80 : flare launcher + 2/2/2 flares (red, white and green)
DescriptionIt’s a distress signalling device for use at sea or in the mountains.
It is usually fitted on liferafts, lifejackets, specific military outfits, etc.
It must be used with CNI minilux flares.
Weight110 g
Dimensions180×80 mm
Lifetime4 years
UN code0312